• Inang

  • 主演:Naysila Mirdad Dimas Anggara Lydia Kandou
  • 状态:HD
  • 导演:法加·努格鲁斯


  • Inang是2022在印度尼西亚上映/播出的一部剧情片电影,由Naysila,Mirdad,Dimas,Anggara,Lydia,Kandou主演;法加·努格鲁斯执导。本站电影频道于2023年03月13日收录高清完整版,并提供免费在线观看服务。

    Inang剧情:Wulan, a supermarket employee, is abandoned by her irresponsible boyfriend after finding out about her early pregnancy. Wulan needs to take responsibility for herself and her unborn child. Wulan's desperation leads her to “Support Pregnancy” online group that claims as a pro-life volunteer. The group introduces Wulan to the wealthy Santoso family who wanted to adopt her unborn ...

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